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Through his writing, George Hayward inspires us to uncover and reveal the impact of our choices, and to be intentional with our ripple effect.

George believes every person can see the ripple effect, regardless of personal faiths, religions, politics or worldviews. It takes a good degree of soul-searching and self-awareness, of peeling back the layers of one’s own fears, pains, scars and insecurities to see how words and actions affect not only the people who receive them, but also to people and events beyond your present view.

A central lesson of SOUL AFFLICTED is (mild spoiler alert) Ariel’s realization that he is, indeed, special in this world … but so is every other person, no matter who they are, where they are.

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"Though he felt small, Ariel did not feel unimportant. Indeed, he had seen the ripples he’d left with his choices. He knew his daily actions, even those of seeming insignificance, affected everyone around him and triggered chain reactions in the fabric of humanity. As did the actions of every person."

Extract from Soul Afflicted

Seeing and understanding the ripple effect is not a unique skill, it’s not a personal gift. It’s something that many, many people already see, and try to impart to others. On June 12, 2022, Russell Wilson, NFL quarterback of George’s beloved Denver Broncos, gave the commencement speech at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He noted specifically the ripple affect and how our actions (and inactions) big and small have impacts that “ripple out further than you’ll ever, ever realize.” We are not alone in seeing the world this way.

It's about personal choices. Daily life, and the arcs of our lives, are an endless series of choices, often binary, often minor, but always altering your path for that day. A choice not to do something is still a choice that affects your path. Your choices, in turn, alter the path of every person you encounter on your own path. Choices not only in what you do, how you use your gifts, but in your words, attitudes and actions toward others. Each of these things ripple outward from your path, affecting the paths of others, which like dominoes, alters the paths of those they encounter. THE PARTY DOLLS could be a case study in that domino effect.

George Hayward’s purpose and motivation as a writer is to help inspire his readers to uncover and reveal the impact of their choices. His hope is that each of us, with our understanding of our unique ripple effect, will be intentional with every action.

If you would like to see a world made of people who are conscious of their ripple effect and intentionally make decisions for good, join us on the mission!

Every little action has a greater impact than we think!

Let’s create a ripple effect for good!

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Inspired by George’s stories and the Ripple Effect of Humanity,

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